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2007-09-03 08:36:15 by tuan69

Untitled Space Project by Tuan Ho

Scene 1

Opening Title Credits

Scene 2

In space with black background and faint stars.

Pan across screen to reveal spaceship GARMACRON.

GARMACRON blasts the pod.

Scene 3

Surface area: 5,510,065,600 km-squared.

On the surface of the planet. Dark, red and barren.

Screen shakes, and then pans across to the right revealing a heap of dirt.

Scene 4

An overhead shot panning upwards revealing the crater.

Inside the crater is the pod.

Scene 5

Front view of the pod. Zoom in onto pod.

Pod lights light up whilst zooming in.

A bright orange flash fills the screen.

Flash disappears revealing a man.

Scene 6

A leaf is on the ground.

A hand holding flint enters the frame.

Another hand with a smaller piece of flint enters the frame.

The flint stones collide creating a spark and lighting up the leaf.

Scene 7

Front view of the pod. Pod vibrates.

Pod lights light up.

Transition out to black screen.

Scene 8

Screen pans back to reveal a woman next to the pod.

She opens her eyes.

Scene 9

400 years later.

Transition from black screen to reveal a large canyon with a small town with a large castle-type building in the middle. Small houses surround it.

On top of the castle is the pod.

Screen transitions back to black screen.

Scene 10

600 years later.

Transition out from black screen to reveal a young boy and his father lying on the ground staring at the night sky.

Scene 11

View of the night sky. It is dark black with a tinge of deep blue.

Stars are faintly seen. In the upper right corner is a moon with a slightly creamy aura around it.

Suddenly a tiny purple dot appears.

Seconds later it grows slightly bigger and brighter and moves to the right a little. The dot disappears.

Screen transitions to black screen.

Scene 12

Transition out to the night sky again.

A mountain range is in view with the beautiful night sky behind it.

Suddenly, spaceship Xeruptus comes up from behind the mountain and hovers for a second.

Scene 13

A side view of Xeruptus.

Xeruptus is flying through the air. The night sky is behind it. It is passing through many clouds.

Scene 14

A night time view of the city from above. The city is bright and filled with lights. The castle is the brightest with the pod illuminating the whole city.

Moments later, Xeruptus comes into view and slowly passes over the city.

Scene 15

A view from the ground looking up at Xeruptus.

Xeruptus is passing over slowly but quickens its pace.

Scene 16

A shot of a man's face looking up at the spaceship in awe. His eyes are wide open.

Scene 17

A view of the spaceship from behind.

Seconds later it blasts off disappearing into oblivion.

Screen transitions to black.

Scene 18

600 years later.

Transition from black screen to reveal a small airship. On the airship is the name Galacticor.

The airship lifts off the ground, hovering momentarily then lifting off the ground exiting the frame.

Scene 19

The pod is in view filling the whole screen.

Screen pans back slowly to reveal the city; the buildings are tall like skyscrapers.

The spaceship suddenly zooms past the screen causing the screen to shake.

Screen transitions to black screen.

Scene 20

300 years later.

The name "Hypherion" is blazoned across the screen.

Screen pans back to reveal a black spaceship in space with many stars in the background.

Scene 21

A view of the planet, it is bright and glowing with a slight purple aura.

Spaceship Hypherion enters the frame from the bottom and zooms towards the planet.

Scene 22

Red curtains are pulled back to reveal the new Galacticor V shining in glory.

Eemak: Citizens of this fine city, today marks a new age in air travel. The Galacticor V. Available for public use in the coming weeks.

Screen pans left to reveal Eemak.

Eemak: Now, to demonstrate luxury and safety at it's finest. Also, have a great day everyone.

Eemak presses a remote and the Galacticor V's door opens.

Screen transitions to black quickly.

Scene 23

Screen pans back out from black screen to reveal Eemak inside the airship. The airship door closes.

The airship lifts off and heads towards the roof door.

Scene 24

A shot of the roof door opening.

Scene 25

The airship rises out from the roof and the camera follows it rising up even further.

The airship then flies across to the left of screen.

Scene 26

The airship is flying smoothly through the air with many high skyscrapers filling the background and many other airships zooming by.

Galacticor V then ascends high above all the buildings passing the 'pod' as it rises.

Scene 27

In front of the Averun Tower. Many airships zooming by.

Scene 28

Treasurer: Eemak, the council has decided to allow you the extra amount of funding you proposed for the development of vehicles for the exploration of space.

Eemak: Oh that's wonderful news. When do the funds come in? I'd sure like to start on it soon.

Treasurer: Oh what's the rush Eemak? You just presented the new Galacticor and you want to start on this already? Just take a break, you deserve it more than anyone else.

Screen transitions to black screen.

Scene 29

100 years later.

Makgood: Hello everyone, today, is a wonderful day. My ancestors started building machines that take people like you and me to places we could never possibly imagine, even in our wackiest and wildest dreams. But, we took you there. And today, we go where no one has gone before and we will return to take you all there with us. You are probably wondering what this place I speak of is. Well ladies and gentleman, today, we go to space! And we WILL return!

Scene 30

The doors open, spaceship Averun is revealed. Loud applause erupts.

Scene 31

Makgood: My grandfather started this project, and my father continued it, but is sadly not here today. But today, I finish my father and my grandfather's dream. When my father left, he did promise me one thing, that he'd meet me again one day. And when that day comes, well, that would be a wonderful day.

Crowd erupts with applause again.

Makgood: A millennia ago, they visited us, soon, we visit them. And when we do, that will be a glorious day. Tomorrow we launch!

Crowd erupts with applause again.

Scene 32

Launch day.

The bright orange sun is in view. It's radiating brightness and the intensity of it is felt.

Pan back to reveal Averun on a platform ready to launch.

Averun's lights light up and then a loud boom is heard. This sets off the engines and Averun is in mid-air hovering momentarily. Then it quickly blasts out of view.

Scene 33

The Averun continues rising up passing many other airships and finally rises above the tallest skyscraper.

Scene 34

Screen panning slowly to the right then revealing a large hill.

Suddenly a soldier clad in black armour is revealed. He is standing at the edge of the hill.

Zoom in on soldier's face.

Bakilla: Take out as many as you can! Enjoy it before it ends.

Screen pans back revealing a large army of tanks, armed soldiers, carrier vehicles and airships.

Scene 35

A view of the city skyline with many airships zooming by.

Suddenly an airship gets hit creating an explosion shaking the screen.

A second later, a Hypherion airship zooms by.

Scene 36

On the hill with many Hypherion tanks.

Screen pans right slowly as Hypherion tanks blast away.

Scene 36

Inside the cabin of the Averun.

Front view of Makgood's face.

Radio: We are under heavy air and ground attack by an unknown force. Proceed with mission or stay in orbit.

Makgood: Roger.

Nexdrulo: Captain, are we going to turn around? This force might pose a risk to our mission.

Makgood: No Nexdrulo, we have specific orders to stay in orbit or proceed with mission.

Scene 37

An exterior shot of the Averun.

A second later a laser blast zooms past the Averun.

Scene 38

An exterior shot of a Hypherion Fang in flight.

It's firing lasers rapidly.

Then the lasers stop firing.

It's two tracking-missiles are deployed then fired.

Scene 39

A shot following one of the missiles.

The shot is twisting around the missile with stars and planets seen in the background.

Scene 40

Nexdrulo: Okay Captain, surely that poses a risk to our mission.

Glabucky: Why don't you activate the stealth captain?

Makgood: It won't work. The stealth is powered by a source in our city. We're out of range.

Nexdrulo: Captain, why would you even build it like that?

Makgood: It was made so I could leave the planet without anyone knowing.

Nexdrulo: Let me get him then, it will be over quickly.

Makgood: No, we must preserve our firepower. And he's not catching up to us.

Scene 41

Dashboard view of the Averun.

Stars and planets are seen faintly in the distance.

The screen pans left revealing the planet.

Scene 42

Makgood: Oh fuck, looks like they got a tracking missile onto us. Alright Nexdrulo, go take care of it.

Nexdrulo: Finally some bloody action.

Nexdrulo's seat is lowered down onto the bottom level of the Averun.

Scene 43

Nexdrulo's seat is at the front of the Averun.

Shee zooms towards the screen whilst in the seat.

The weapon-aiming system is loaded onto her.

Nexdrulo: Alien scum!

Nexdrulo then fires away.

Scene 44

View of Nexdrulo firing many lasers trying to take down the missile.

After a second or so of repeated fire, the missile is struck and blows up.

Nexdrulo: Now fuck yeah!

Makgood on the radio: Good job Nexdrulo. Get back here now.

Nexdrulo: Let me finish him.

Makgood: No, save it. I can outrun him.

Scene 45

View of Averun's control panel.

An LCD screen reads "Type 2 signal deteced".

Scene 46

Dashboard view from the Averun.

Averun enters the planet's atmosphere and the city is within sight.

Slowly the city is in better sight and the city's buildings and skyscrapers are clearly obliterated and the large Hypherion army is seen.

Scene 47

Makgood: Nexdrulo, if he's still there, take him out.

Nexdrulo on the radio: Roger captain.

Makgood: Glabucky, activate the proton cannons.

Glabucky: I don't think we want to make ourselves a target Captain. There seems to be a lot of air combat down there.

Makgood: Just trust me. They won't even know what hit them.

Scene 48

An exterior shot of the Averun.

The proton cannons rise out of the Averun and are deployed.

Three shots are fired.

Scene 49

Rear view of Hypherion tanks.

The proton blasts hit them and they blow up.

Scene 50

Engineer: Sir, the shield's power source has been repaired. Should I activate it?

Scene 51

Inside the Averun.

Radio: Makgood, I know you've returned, disobeying my orders so you better get back to city square now. Because I'm about the activate the shields. Unless you want to get fried out there.

Makgood: Roger.

Scene 52

An exterior shot of the Averun. The Averun is invisible.

The Averun's stealth is disengaged. It is now visible.

Scene 53

Inside the Averun.

Makgood: We're back. Activate it now.

Scene 54

Pan up the city's centre building revealing the 'pod' at the very top.

The pod vibrates and shoots out purple streaks of electricity to all sides of it.

Scene 55

Hypherion soldiers are shooting.

Suddenly the purple electric streaks come down on them zapping them flying through the air.

The camera follows them zapped flying through the air.

Screen pans right revealing the newly erected shield covering the city.

Scene 56

Police Commander: We've sustained 103 casualties. 52 were injured. Damage to lower-tier buildings is severe. Even with the shield up, to ensure 100% protection of you and your family, citizens, I urge you to remain calm and stay indoors.

Scene 57

Defense General: Here's the plan. Those shields will run out of power in exactly 20 minutes. Our latest intel have confirmed that they haven't retreated from their position high up on the hill. It would be suicide to launch an offense on foot. It's all air units tonight. Consider yourself lucky if you can't fly.

General's voice fades out as screen transitions to black.

Scene 58

Makgood is standing inside a hangar looking up at the roof.

Scene 59

A shot of the hangar's opened roof showing the sky with the shields covering it.

Scene 60

Makgood: Glabucky get over to the hangar now. Make sure you bring Nex.

Glabucky: Is something up captain? I'm in the middle of the General's battle plan for tonight's offensive. I think they'll need every help they can get a hand on. These alien pricks do look nasty.

Makgood: Just come over here now, it's important, and I'll need your help.

Glabucky: Alright then captain, I'll be over there once the General stops speaking.

Scene 61

A shot of the hill with more Hypherion tanks rolling up to the edge.

Scene 62

A side shot of the Averun.

Scene 63

Makgood is in the pilot's chair.

Radio: Captain, I'm here.

Makgood: Alright come in now.

Glabucky rises into the cockpit whilst sitting in the seat.

Makgood: Where's Nexdrulo?

Glabucky: I couldn't find her. I think she was with her family.

Makgood: Well, I'm one short. But that will do. We're going to have to leave now.

Glabucky: So Mak, could you at least brief me on what we're doing before setting off. You seem like you're in such a hurry.

Makgood: We're continuing the mission Glabucky.

Makgood presses the stealth button.

Averun's voice: Stealth activated.

Glabucky: Why the stealth? That's wasting good power don't you think?

Makgood: Frankly, we have to move right now without anyone knowing.

Scene 64

The Averun rises up out of the hangar.

Camera follows it rising up even though it's invisible.

Scene 65

Back inside Averun's cockpit.

Glabucky: So captain, you never explained to me why you pulled me all the way over here to go on a space flight whilst our city possibly might get destroyed by an alien force that is our first contact with in the history of our civilisation.

Makgood: The General commanded me to hand her over for the offensive. The Chief petty Officer was about to come and retrieve her, but I can't risk it and she's the only thing that's made to do what I'm about to do. So that's why I needed you to come immediately.

Glabucky: We can continue the mission once this is over.

Makgood: C'mon, you and I both know we're not made to be out there, and I think they'll be fine without me, or you.

Glabucky: I know, but they could use a hand that's all I'm saying. I sense that there's something you're not telling me.

Makgood: When we were up there today when we were being pursued, I detected a signal about 600 light years away.

Glabucky: No, wait, they'll need our help down there. We can't leave them. We gotta turn back.

Makgood: Sorry Glabucky. I can't risk it. It would take another 5 years to build her again.

Glabucky: But why must we go now? Why not tomorrow? Or at least until our city's back in shape.

Makgood: Let me finish. As I was saying, the signal I received earlier was moving further and further away. Further than what this ship was travelling at. If we leave it, the signal might disappear. And also, I couldn't risk the ship getting destroyed.

Glabucky: So, it's not a planet then. What is it then? Another ship just like ours?

Makgood: Yes Glabucky: that's the whole point I brought you here. I need you here, you know I can't run this ship myself. If you didn't come, I would have fought with them tonight. So don't think for a moment that you being here is useless.

Glabucky: Alright then. I'm with you now. Since I can't go back, I'll trust you. So how long will it take for us to get to it?

Makgood: It's not that far once our power is fully recharged and we'll see if this hyper jump that my father invented will actually work.

Glabucky: So... what do you think this signal might be exactly?

Makgood: I was waiting for you to ask that. I thought maybe you've already come to a conclusion of some sorts.

Glabucky: I'm not sure I follow you.

Makgood: I believe it's him.

Glabucky: Who?

Makgood: He's still out there, my father.

Scene 66

A military airship lands down on the terrain with the sky in the background.

Pan back and to the right to reveal more airships and a scout ship flies across above.

Scene 67

Inside the General's airship.

The General talks to all his men via the radio.

General: Soldiers, shield will disengage in 30 seconds. Be prepared. Strike them with force, and show them no mercy!

Scene 68

The airships start lifting off the ground as screen pans up to reveal the shield starting to lose its colour.

The shield is down.

Scene 69

Bakilla: They're coming. Fuck them up!

Screen pulls back to reveal Hypherion Fangs lifting off.

Scene 70

Exterior shot of Nexdrulo's airship.

Gun turrets are loaded and start firing away.

Screen pulls back to reveal many other airships above and below also firing.

Scene 71

An exterior shot of a Hypherion Fang dodging the incoming fire and also firing rapidly.

Screen pans down to the tanks on the ground.

Tanks are blasting up into the sky with massive recoil.

Scene 72

Dashboard view of Nexdrulo's ship.

She's firing rapidly then flies up appearing out of sight of Hypherion Fangs then flying down again then blasting Hypherion Fangs to pieces.

Nexdrulo: Did that hurt? Or did it feel good?

Scene 73

A front full-body shot of Bakilla.

Bakilla's whole body slowly becomes invisible, and then disappears altogether.

Smoke and debris fly across the screen.

Scene 74

Glabucky: So, what if it is your father?

Makgood: Well, I do hope it's him.

Glabucky: Why did he ever leave you?

Makgood: It was a week before he was going to launch the Dreneval, the dream spaceship that would take him into space. My mother passed away. And he left. He left me with my grandfather's plans of the Dreneval, which took him most of his life to build and to perfect into a flawless machine of the sky and space.

Averun's voice: Power at 100%.

Makgood: Okay here we go. Hyper jump time.

Glabucky: Damn, I was going to take a short nap.

Scene 75

Exterior shot of Nexdrulo's ship.

Her ship is blasting away and also dodging enemy fire.

Her ship is suddenly hit. Ship starts descent to the ground.

Scene 76

Hypherion tank on the ground blasting away and suddenly it runs out of ammo.

The tank transforms into a robot and blasts away.

Nexdrulo's ship flies past and clips the robot.

Scene 77

Nexdrulo's burning ship has crashed. The doors open.

Screen pans right.

Scene 78

Shot of the feet of a Hypherion soldier.

Screen pans up his body then onto his face.

LX22: It's my pleasure to be the first to terminate you.

Scene 79

Nexdrulo: And it is my pleasure to flick your switch off.

Scene 80

LX22: We are more intelligent than you perceive. We are not merely machine. We have the intellect of our master Bakilla.

Scene 81

Nexdrulo: Yes, you're definitely 'more than meets the eye'.

Scene 82

LX22: You are the last of your race and we do not come in peace. We come to finish our task since the beginning of time. It is time to finish it.

Scene 83

Nexdrulo: What's this task you speak of?

Scene 84

LX22: We destroy what you create. You get to live your life, but when the time comes, life must end. It is our duty. And our master will rule the Universe. It is the way of the Universe. This isn't a war; it's only the path of life.

Scene 85

Nexdrulo: Of course this isn't a war. You pieces of scrap metal attempting to wipe out our existence is just your friendly gesture am I correct?

Scene 86

LX22: It is time to terminate you. You bitchhead.

LX22 raises his hands and activates his lightsabre.

Scene 87

Nexdrulo: I hope toasters can withstand this!

She raises her gun then shoots it.

Scene 88

Nexdrulo's blast wipes out LX22.

LX22 flies back onto the ground.

Nexdrulo walks up to LX22.

LX22 head is on the ground still functioning.

LX22: Fix me! Fix me! Fix me!

Nexdrulo: I'm not a mechanic, dickhead.

Nexdrulo then blasts LX22's head.

Scene 89

In deep space.

The Averun arrives with a flash just coming out of the hyper jump.

Scene 90

Inside Averun cockpit.

Glabucky: That cannot be it.

Makgood: That's definitely not his ship that he spent years building if I recall correctly. I'm certain of it.

Glabucky: If it's your father, I'm guessing he's spent the last 15 years making sure we see the damn thing.

Makgood: I hope it's him.

Scene 91

Side view of the Averun.

Screen pans right to reveal spaceship GARMACRON.

The Averun is tiny in comparison to the GARMACRON.

Scene 92

Glabucky: Isn't it amazing that on the day we launch to find life on neighbouring planets, they come to us? With big ships and tanks blasting away at our city.

Makgood: Amazing? No. My father and grandfather built spaceships to explore the unknown. And they hoped that one day we would make contact with them. Legends do have it that hundred of years ago, they came with a big ship, with big purple lights, then left.

Glabucky: Purple lights? Certainly not the ships that attacked us today. Might have even been no one. Only legends after all right?

Makgood: Well yes, but wherever my father went, I hope he met those big purple lights. All these years, thinking we were alone in the Universe, who would have ever thought it would come to this?

Glabucky: You're making it out like it's the end of the world. If we can't find your father, we'll go back, destroy those fuckers and everything will be normal.

Makgood: How can it be normal? We can only pretend it's normal. There's something out there in the Universe, and today, we might have found it. When we go back, things will be different, because what we're seeing right now is absolutely something.

Glabucky: It certainly is a wonderous sight. Only if the folks at home could be here.

Makgood: If only they could. But maybe you could go home, I can't go, just not yet. I have to finish this mission.

Glabucky: Don't worry Makgood, I'll finish this with you. Well, I think it's time to check out this big piece of metal floating in space. Now, how do we enter this thing?

Scene 93

A cloud.

From behind the cloud the large Hypherion spaceship appears.

It is massive and moving very slowly.

It's massive laser cannons are activated.

Scene 94

Nexdrulo runs up to a hill and looks out.

Scene 95

Side view shot of the Hypherion heading towards the city.

Nexdrulo: Fuck!

Pan down right to reveal all Averun's fighter ships have crashed and been blown up.

Nexdrulo: Only cows can save us now!

Scene 96

A shot of the sky with the bright blazing sun in the background.

Spaceship Hypherion is flying across very slowly to the right.

Bakilla speaks out from spaceship Hypherion's speaker.

Bakilla: Hello, for hundreds of years we searched for you. We searched every inch of every planet, and we have finally found you. You may or may not know who you are, what you are, what you can be, or what you will be, but you will get to choose when this is over. It is the way of the Universe that we must finish our task. My task.

You can rest in the knowledge that your existence is not pointless; your existence feeds us, it strengthens us, for we cannot live without you. For I cannot live without you. It is the cycle of life.

There are only two types in the Universe, the ones who choose to create and the ones who to choose to destroy. Now which, are you?

Screen pans down to reveal spaceship Hypherion's large cannon charging away.

Then it blasts.

Scene 97

Wide shot of the city being blown to smithereens.

There is no trace of the city left, only a large crater.

Screen pans up to the sky into space.

Scene 98

A side view of the Averun in space as it enters the GARMACRON.

Scene 99

A shot of the Averun from the side as it rises up and onto the loading dock and lands.

The Averun's doors open.

Scene 100

Shot of the door.

Glabucky: And yet another door! And no sign of your father yet.

Makgood: Let's enter.

Scene 101

Closer shot of the door.

Glabucky: I'm sure that red button there was made to be pushed.

Makgood: Go ahead then, let's open this door already.

Scene 102

Shot of the door as it opens and reveals Makgood and Glabucky.

There is a narrow path then screen pans right then onto a large room. 9 circular windows are seen and 1 pod is right at the end.

Scene 103

Shot of the corridor showing the Immortal sitting on his throne.

Zoom in onto his face. His eyes open.

Immortal: Hello there.

Scene 104

Screen pans right across hundreds of inactive and stationary Hypherion soldiers and pan up to a higher level revealing Bakilla.

Bakilla: So many of them created. They do not know their potential.

Scene 105

Screen pans forward passing the many inactive and stationary Hypherion soldiers and eventually pans up to Bakilla standing on the higher stage.

Bakilla: We are the last, so what purpose will they serve? Nothing. Destroy them.

Bakilla's right hand man Cuttlefish enters the frame.

Cuttlefish: Lord, we've located the ship that escaped.

Bakilla: Is it the last?

Cuttlefish: Yes.

Bakilla: So where is it?

Cuttlefish: The Origin my Lord.

Bakilla: I haven't visited that place, since the dawn of time. Don't destroy these soldiers yet, we may need them. This will be the end of them. They will be destroyed. And next time Cuttlefish, don't let any of them escape or I'll have your head crushed and melted.

Scene 106

Shot of the Immortal.

Immortal: Let me introduce myself. I am the Immortal. My master created me 2000 years ago to maintain and operate this ship and greet any visitors who board it.

Glabucky: Who was your master?

Immortal: His name was John Dukehead. He built me to run this ship. The GARMACRON.

Makgood: There's nothing on this ship except that pod over there. We have one exactly like it in our city. What is it's purpose? Because the pod we have, they never found out where it came from or its purpose, they couldn't open it so the only use they got from it was a powerful conductor of electricity.

Immortal: This ship was created to house the 10 pods. The pods along with this ship were made from a rare metal that is indestructible. I am also made of this metal.

Glabucky: Yes, but what of those pods? Why do we have one? And what is it exactly?

Immortal: The pods take one where one wishes to go. There were only 10 pods built. 9 were launched and the last pod was for my master. It was 2 days away from launch when my master's wife suddenly passed away. My master then left in his own spaceship. He never told me where he went.

Makgood: If there were only 10 that were built, why is there one in our city?

Immortal: Our war with the Hypherions almost resulted in our extinction. The remaining 20 survivors, 10 male and 10 female banded together and created this ship and the pods, but it was John Dukehead who created me. Each pod contained a male and a female and each pod was sent to an unknown location out there in the Universe with a purpose to start life anew and with a hope that the Hypherions would never find them.

Glabucky: Now isn't that amazing Makgood? If the folks at home could hear this, it would answer all their questions.

Makgood: Yes, I just can't quite believe what I'm hearing. So if that's the case, then we must be descendants of whoever came out of that pod Glabucky.

Immortal: Each pod has a name on it. Do you know the name of your pod?

Makgood: It's Averun. The name of our city and my spaceship too.

Immortal: It is a pleasure to meet you since you are descendants of Pod no. 4, the pod of Munj Jubbo and Heletis Arletta. They chose the name Averun, because it was the name of their home city before the Hypherions came and destroyed it.

Glabucky: I'm still shocked that we're learning about our own history from a robot. Well, sorry, didn't mean to offend you. The Hypherions, why was there a war with them?

Immortal: We fought with each other for what most desire to be made of. Metallax. The metal that I am made of.

Scene 107

Shot of Bakilla's face. His face has white stripes running down it.

Zoom out slowly to reveal Bakilla's torso.

Cuttlefish: Lord, we've arrived. The remaining two are still here. Shall I activate the soldiers?

Bakilla: You think I'm weak do you? You idiot. It's only two of them. No, I don't think it'd be necessary.

Cuttlefish: Just for your protection Lord.

Bakilla: Thank you for your concern, but it's only the last two in the whole Universe. I wonder if they know that. We don't need a whole army. I'll finish this task myself. I'll finish this 2000-year mission. They have lost; their rule over the Universe has ended. Today, I rule the Universe.

Scene 108

Shot of the Immortal.

Makgood: We're here today because I received a signal that led me here. I believe it was from my father. Are we the first to visit you?

Immortal: You are definitely not the first. There was a man who stopped here 15 years ago. He didn't stay for long, I didn't get to know him well. He repeatedly asked me if I knew the location of a planet made up entirely of the colour purple.

Glabucky: It's him isn't it Makgood?

Makgood: Yes. Has anyone come here today or yesterday?

Immortal: Earlier today, I detected a spaceship that passed here then left.

Glabucky: Didn't you follow the signal?

Makgood: Yes I did, but the signal stopped when we arrived here. Immortal, Do you know where that spaceship went?

Immortal: Sorry, I do not know where it went.

Glabucky: So where to now?

Makgood: I don't really know where to go from here. We can either search endlessly in this vast Universe, or we go home?

Immortal: I detect a very large spaceship in close proximity.

Scene 109

Shot of Garmacron's door.

Door opens and Bakilla is revealed.

Scene 110

Shot of the Immortal.

Immortal: Bakilla, leader of the Hypherions. He's here, you must destroy him or escape now. Use the pod.

Scene 111

Side shot of Bakilla as his arm transforms into a long drilling spike.

A bright flash occurs.

Scene 112

A shot of Glabucky.

He is stunned and staring blankly at Bakilla.

Glabucky: You and your scum are the bastards that attacked us today.

Immortal: Get into the pod.

Scene 113

Side view of Glabucky.

Screen pans right to reveal Makgood's face inside the pod.

Blood is splattered across the pod's screen.

Scene 114

Inside the pod showing the screen with Glabucky's blood splattered across it.

Immortal: Press the red button and the pod will take you where you wish to go.

Scene 115

Shot of the red button.

Makgood presses the button.

Scene 116

A shot of the Garmacron.

The pod is launched out at an incredible speed.

Scene 117

Shot of Bakilla's face.

Bakilla: Nooo!!! Cuttlefish, track it. Don't let it get away.

Scene 118

Inside the pod showing Makgood.

Immortal: In a couple of moments, you will lose contact with me. I wish you a safe journey. I hope we meet again one day.

Scene 119

Shot of the pod travelling through space passing by many planets.

Scene 120

Zoom in slowly onto the pod as it travels across space passing by a giant planet.

Scene 121

A closer shot of the pod as screen slowly zooms out to reveal pod heading towards a planet.

Scene 122

A shot of the pod as it flies down with purple clouds passing it by very quickly.

The pod flies past exiting the frame.

A loud explosion is heard.

Scene 123

A side view of the pod as screen pans right slowly.

The bright flash occurs.

Scene 124

Shot of Makgood as screen pans up slowly to his face starting from his feet.

His face is revealed. But it doesn't seem to be his face; it's a very old, worn-out face.

Zoom in slowly onto this face and then onto the eyes.

As screen zooms in very closely to the eyes, a purple flicker and purple outline of something can be seen in the eyes.

Scene 125

The End.

Roll credits.

Scene 126

Scene after Credits.

A side shot of Nexdrulo as she stares at something.

Screen pans right slowly to reveal the pod.

Screen fades to black.


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2007-09-04 01:46:13

Great stuff


2008-09-23 23:07:58

make a movie out of it some how , wheter it be video, stop/clay animation, or flash would be a watse not to after you tought all that up